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Skincare Routine Ideas for Oily Skin | How to Solve Your Oily Skin

The skin has a lot types, some people have dry skin, sensitive skin, acne skin, combination skin, and the last is oily skin. Different skin type is different in the way you take care of them. You can’t do the same thing to all skin because it will make your skin condition get worst. So, it’s very important to know what your skin type is.

If you have oily skin, I’m sure your skin can be called acne skin too because oil is the first trigger to get acne. But that doesn’t mean oily skin always has acne on their skin, you still can prevent it by applying a healthy lifestyle. Not only do take care from the inside, but you also have to take care from the outside too by wearing skincare.

Okay, if you are still a beginner at this, you will be confused about which product can save your oily skin. Am I right? But you don’t have to be worried, girls! Now, we want to share with you, skincare routine ideas for oily skin. This topic gonna be your lifesaver and make your skin not greasy even if you have a lot of activities. Are you guys feeling excited? Okay, without any for the do, let’s get into the topic!

Skincare Routine Ideas for Oily Skin

1. Doing Double Cleansing with Makeup Remover

The very first step that you have to do is doing double cleansing. This has the function to make sure your skin is clean before starting to use skincare. Double cleansing has two steps, first, use a makeup remover to remove all the dirt and makeup from your skin. And second is washing your face with a facial wash to cleanse the leftover makeup or dirt that still stays on your skin.

Now we’re gonna talk about the makeup remover. Makeup remover has 3 types of products there are micellar water, cleansing balm, and cleansing oil. If your skin type is oily, we recommend you wear micellar water that won’t make your skin more oily. But the minus side of micellar water is can’t remove your waterproof makeup, so you can also use a cleansing balm for it.

Make sure you rub your face gently with cotton and finish until there’s no makeup or dirt still left on your skin. But if you want to use a cleansing balm, you can apply the product and massage your face gently until the makeup or dirt is melted. Then, you can continue using micellar water or wash your face. Furthermore, the product that you should avoid is a cleansing oil that can make your skin greasy or trigger acne.

2. Finish Your Double Cleansing Step Using Facial Wash

Now, it’s time to finish your double cleansing step by using a facial wash. We already talk about the function of facial wash, right? So, we just have to talk about the product that is safe for your oily skin and won’t make your skin dull or get acne. Yes, girls, you can’t wear any product that you like for your skin, you have to consider the ingredients too.

For those who have oily skin, maybe you can try to use a facial wash that has a lot of foam to cleanse the oil on your skin and also your pores. Then, choose a product that has Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree ingredients to reduce the oil production. But if your skin tends to be sensitive, maybe you should prefer a facial wash that has claim low pH to prevent your skin get irritated. Now your skin is ready for skincare!

3. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week to Cleanse The Pores

Next is to exfoliate your skin once a week to cleanse your pores. This step will help you to prevent acne because of the oil or dirt that blocks your pores. Exfoliate has two types of products which are physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Usually, physical exfoliation is in the form of a scrub, meanwhile, chemical exfoliation is in the form of toner or serum that has the ingredient AHA/BHA.

You have to feel lucky to have oily skin because you can use both of these kinds of exfoliation. So, it’s up to you which product makes you feel comfortable while using it. If you prefer physical exfoliation, maybe you can try to choose a product that has a gentle and soft texture to prevent irritating your skin. Furthermore, if you love using chemical exfoliation, you can use it for only 10-15 minutes, and don’t forget to use sunscreen in the morning.

Doing this step frequently once a week, you will get healthy and glowing skin and also it can help you to reduce the oil production on your skin too. Besides that, exfoliating can make your next skincare absorb and works well on your skin.

4. Apply Clay Mask to Reduce Oil on Your Skin

Not only exfoliation, but you should also wear a mask 2-3 times a week. But if you’re not in the mood or feel lazy, it’s okay to use it once a week. Just make sure you do not wear it together with an exfoliation product. Because mask has a lot of types, I’m sure you who are still a beginner will be confused about which is the right mask for you. Okay, girls, we will help you to find the right product!

Because you have oily skin, you need a product to reduce your oil production to prevent greasy skin. Therefore, we already choose a clay mask if you want to use it. Besides controlling your skin oil production, a clay mask can also help you to cleanse the pores, prevent acne, or brighten your dull skin. Maybe a product that has green tea or lemon ingredient will help you to fight your skin problem.

5. Balance Your Skin pH with Toner

After washing your face or using an exfoliation product, I’m sure your skin pH condition is imbalanced. If you let this problem happen it can ruin your skin barrier and trigger acne or even irritation. You don’t want this worst thing to happen to your lovely skin right? So, you need a product to overcome this problem. Then, toner is the right answer!

Besides balancing your skin’s pH, toner also has the function to hydrate and soothe your skin. And for people with oily skin, you can use a toner that has Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree ingredients. If you need a safe product, maybe Centella Asiatica toner is the right choice for you. Try to apply toner with your palm to get the maximal result. But if your hand feels dirty, you can use thin cotton to avoid absorbing the product.

6. Keep Hydrate Your Skin Wearing Essence

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you make your skin dry. Because your skin produces oil when the skin condition is dry, and if you make your skin dry it just makes the skin get worst. Therefore, you still need to moisten and hydrate your skin. For stopping your skin produce too much oil and your skin will get normal slowly.

So, I think using essence is also important. Maybe you think the essence is just for people who have dry skin, but this statement is wrong. Essence is created for all skin types, you just have to pick the right product that is suitable for your skin type or skin problem. Like for oily skin, you can prefer an essence that has a watery texture with a Hyaluronic Acid ingredient to make it absorb easily into your skin.

If you can wear essence frequently, not only heals your oily skin, but it can also give you healthy skin looks and prevent acne. Another benefit that you can feel is your skin will be avoided wrinkles because it’s always hydrated.

7. Serum to Solve Your Skin Problem

Next is the product that is very effective to fix your skin problem which is serum. A lack of people doesn’t know the function of serum, but if you know it, I believe you will love this product. You just have to choose the product based on your skin type or skin need to get the maximal result. If you choose the wrong product, I’m sure your skincare doesn’t work well.

People with oily skin will be very suitable with a serum that has the ingredient Salicylic Acid or Hyaluronic Acid. Both of these ingredients are lighter ingredients that are safe for your skin. Meanwhile, if you need a thicker and more effective, retinol gonna be the best choice ever. But the thing that you should know is not everyone will match this ingredient.

Retinol has the function to control oil production, overcome acne, remove dark spots, brighten your skin, and prevent wrinkles. That’s why is a must ingredient to use when you turn the 20s as an anti-aging product. But if you’re not suitable with retinol it can make your skin breakouts or irritated. Remember to use retinol only at night and don’t forget to use sunscreen during the day.

8. Moisturizer for Locking Your Previous Skincare

It’s time to lock your previous skincare by wearing moisturizer! I know oily skin should avoid layering too much skincare. But you can’t skip moisturizer because it’s one of the basic skincare that has the function to hydrate your skin and fix your skin barrier. It’s okay if you think moisturizer can make your skin more oily or even greasy. So, we will help you to fight this mind and prove this statement is wrong.

We recommend you wear moisturizer that has a light and watery texture to make it absorb well into your skin. Meanwhile, for the ingredient, you can adjust them to your needs. There are Tea Tree ingredient that has the function to heal acne, ceramides to fix your skin barrier, or Aloe Vera if you just want to hydrate your skin. Apply moisturizer twice a day in the morning and at night if you want to feel the result.

9. Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin From UV Light

No matter what your skin type is, you need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the danger of UV light. Do you know what the effect of UV light is on your skin? Let us answer your question. UV light can make your skin gets acne, uneven skin, make your skin dull, trigger wrinkles, skin burn, or even skin cancers. Sounds terrifying right? Therefore, you have to use sunscreen in the morning.

Because sunscreen has 3 types of SPF, we will tell you which matches your skin. If you are still a teenager or having indoor activity, sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 45 is already enough to protect your skin. Meanwhile, if you are already turn the 20s or have an outdoor activity, you need sunscreen with SPF 50. Don’t forget to reapply the product every 2-4 hours to make your skin always protected.

10. Get Healthy and Pink Lips with Lip Balm

The last step of your skincare routine. I know you will think this product is not give any effect on your skin, but it will give a big effect on your lips. Therefore, we want you to get this product into your skincare routine ideas. Do you know what this product is? Okay, the answer is lip balm!

Lip balm has the function to moisten your lips. And if you can use it frequently, it can brighten your lips so you will get healthy and pink lips. So, people who use lipstick every day will need this product for preventing dry and dark lips. Or you can change your lipstick with tinted lip balm to give color to your lips and make it healthier.

I think that’s it about the skincare routine ideas for oily skin. What do you think? Isn’t it can help you to solve your oily skin? Now you know how to take care of your skin to get healthy and glowing skin. Maybe you can adjust it with your skin to make sure it will work well. I hope you can get the inspiration and enjoy skincare routine ideas for oily skin or how to solve your oily skin.

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