Guest Post | Fashion, Health, Beauty, Wedding – Leading a new brand blog after We proudly represent you Drufashion which share about fashion, health, beauty, and wedding. We accept many guest posters nowadays since the need for articles. We are looking for a high-quality guest post article.

To whom who wish to do a guest post. You are accepted here as long as you can follow our guidelines and also write based on the accepted category. Currently, we receive about 2k visitors each day. We keep growing it to our target of 10k per day. However, we need your hand to provide us valuable content. In exchange, you will get your bio here.

Benefits of Guest Posting at DruFashion

There are lots of benefits we can get through guest posts. Besides giving much traffic to our site. It also increases our brand. To whom who is looking for increasing their brand awareness. Then, guest posting is the exact solution for your question.

Guest Post Category

Talking about the guest post category. We accept lots of topics so far. However, you can check it on the list below.


Do you want to publish your own fashion or you have an idea or tips regarding this one? You can start writing and let us know your article. If you are looking for a blog which open for fashion guest posting then there we are.


Having an idea about health guest posts? Inform us of your ideas and we will check and approve them. We are looking for contributors who often write about this one.


If you have both beauty tips and tricks. You can publish your article here and it will be read by thousands of readers on our site.


We accept wedding ideas, place, theme and almost everything which related to this. Do not hesitate to let us know your thought.

Regulation for Guest Posting

We have some regulations that you must follow if you wish to join us as our contributor. Once you have understood each point below you can email us.

  1. 700+ words article
  2. Write based on coverage topic, if you are not sure please ask on email first
  3. No promotional content
  4. Understand what you write and you are responsible of your guest post article

Do you agree? You can now mail us at [email protected] or alternatively you can also use the form below.