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Anti-Aging Skincare Ideas | Tips Skincare for Preventing Premature Aging

Do you know the first problem that causes premature aging? Yes, you’re right! It’s because you don’t try to take care of your skin. This is why many girls experience premature aging in their 20s. Girls, don’t ever feel tired or lazy to take care of your skin because not only your body needs to get healthy, but your skin needs it too.

Therefore, you should start to wear skincare frequently twice a day and try to apply healthy life habits. Your skincare gonna be useless if have a bad habit. Because to get healthy skin, you need to take care from the inside, and skincare as the support system. I know you will feel confused about how to take care of your skin for preventing premature aging.

You don’t have to feel confused girls! Because at this time, we want to share with you anti-aging skincare ideas and how to apply healthy life habits to prevent premature aging. It’s very easy to follow and will not make you feel hesitate. Are you feeling excited about this topic? Me either! So, without any for the do, let’s get jump to the topic!


Tips Skincare for Preventing Premature Aging


1. Get to Bed Early or Sleep Before 10 pm

Many girls are having a habit sleep late at night, do you know it’s not good for your skin health? It’s because when you get to sleep above 10 pm, you will get a sleepless time that makes your skin doesn’t work well.

Not only for your skin but sleeping before 10 pm and having enough sleep is good for your body health too. That’s why you have to get 7-8 hours of sleep time to help all your body function and skin get rest. If you don’t get enough time to sleep or sleep late at night, I’m sure it will be easy for you to get depression or any diseases.


2. Stay Hydrated by Drinking 2 Liters per Day

I think I shouldn’t talk about this point anymore, because all of you already know how important to drink water is. But if you still don’t know about it, don’t feel worried, we will give you some explanation about drinking enough water.

As you know, your body contains around 60-70% of water. And when you doing some activity, the water in your body will be wasted this is why you can get dehydration. Besides that, if you drink less water, your skin will be dry and easy to get wrinkled. Therefore, we recommend you to drink water 2 liters per day to make your skin stay hydrated and keep your body healthy.


3. Always Doing Double Cleansing

Some people who are still a beginner at skincare, I’m sure you still don’t know about the double cleansing technique and how important to do this step. Girls, you need to do this step because you should make sure your skin is clean before you put on makeup or when you want to get sleep and use skincare.

When you have clear skin, the skincare that you wear can absorb well into your skin which can prevent you from any skin problem, especially wrinkles. So, you need the help of a makeup remover for doing double cleansing. I know not everyone will use makeup, but even if you don’t wear makeup, you still need to cleanse your face using makeup remover. Because it’s divided into three types, that’s why at this time, we will help you to find the right product.

First, there is micellar water, which has a water texture that is good for you who have oily skin, because it will cleanse the oil on your face. Furthermore, for those who have dry skin, you can prefer an oil cleanser or cleansing balm that will not make your skin drier. This product also can be used for you who have sensitive skin, because it has a soft texture that will not make your skin irritated.


4. Take a Cold Shower to Hydrate Your Skin

Still using hot water for a bath or washing your face? Please, you should stop this habit if you want to stay young! Hot water can make your skin dry and your skin will lose the hydration that will make your skin easy to get wrinkles.

Therefore, you should try to change it with cold water. I know, that taking a cold shower not relaxing, but it will make your body fresher and hydrate your skin. Besides that, it has a lot of benefits for your body and one of them is improving your blood circulation.


5. Use Product with Moisturizing Ingredients

As we said before, you need to hydrate your skin for preventing wrinkles. And one of the thing that you can do is wear skincare product that has moisturizing ingredients. I know you will be asking about the ingredients that can moisturize your skin. Let me tell you, girls!

I believe some of you already know about Hyaluronic Acid. Yes, you’re right! This is one of the ingredients that very work to hydrate your skin and is safe for any skin type. Even if you have sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, it will not make your skin irritation or get inflammation. Moreover, it will help you to heal many skin problems.


6. Exercise for 15-20 Minutes in The Morning

Some people feel lazy to do exercise. But they forget how important to do this activity is. Your body needs to be sweating at least once a week and it’s much better if you can do it every day. Not only for your body’s health, but it also helps you to prevent premature aging.

By doing exercise, your skin will be more hydrated than usual. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should spend at least 15-20 minutes in the morning doing this activity. Also, exercise will help you to heal your skin from any problems like acne, dry skin, redness, and many more.


7. Cut Back on Sugar

Isn’t sweet food so tasty? Almost everyone loves this kind of food. But do you know the bad side effect of this food? Sweet food will make it easy to get wrinkles or any skin problems because it will break the collagen on your skin which has the function to keep your skin hydrated.

If you love to eat this food every day, you should try to change it. You can try to eat healthy food like oatmeal, fruit, or vegetables. By preventing sweet food it means you prevent your body from diabetes and obesity. So, what are you waiting for? Change your eating habits now!


8. Say No to Alcoholic Drink!

Love to consume alcoholic drinks? I know some people think it’s a tasty drink and can relax their minds. But this type of drink has bad side effects on your skin and body health. Therefore, we very not recommend you to consume an alcoholic drink.

The alcoholic drink contains ingredients that can break the collagen on your skin. Imagine if you consumed this drink almost every day? Isn’t your skin will look older than your age? So, for those who want to look younger and prevent wrinkles, you need to stop this habit.


9. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week

Sometimes, double cleansing is not enough to cleanse your skin into the pores. So, you need the help of an exfoliation product to make your skin clean. Even though it’s good for your skin, you can’t use this every day, because exfoliation can scrape your skin barrier.

There are two types of exfoliating which are chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. Most product that people know and use is physical exfoliation like a scrub. But, it’s not good for you who have sensitive and acne skin. So, if you have those skin types, you can prefer choosing a chemical exfoliate like a toner that contains AHA, BHA, or vitamin C.


10. Wear Cleansing Brush

A cleansing brush is not only made to cleanse your skin. But, it can also help you to prevent premature aging. I know you will be confused about this, and we will give you some explanation of how could it happen.

When you rub your face with a cleansing brush, you will give a message to your skin that can make it more relaxed. And if your skin gets relaxed, I’m sure the wrinkles will go from your skin and also help you to heal any skin problems. It’s much better if you can use a cleansing brush that has a vibration to improve blood circulation on your face.


11. Use Satin Pillow Sheet

Who said a pillow sheet doesn’t have any function on your skin? Girls, listen! When you get to sleep, I’m sure you do so many moves that will your skin gets rub with the pillow. And if you choose a pillow sheet that has a rough texture, it will make your skin easy to get wrinkles.

So, we recommend you try changing your pillow sheet to a satin fabric that has a soft texture. Not only preventing wrinkles, but this fabric will not absorb the skincare that you’ve used. Furthermore, using a satin pillow is also good for your hair to avoid frizzy and dry hair.


12. Use Retinol Serum to Prevent Wrinkles

Talking about anti-aging skincare will not be complete without retinol ingredients. Because this is the most popular ingredient that works for preventing wrinkles and making your skin look younger. Also, it can help you to overcome acne, removes dark spots, and many more.

But the thing that you should know is this ingredient can’t be used every day, especially in the morning. If you force yourself to use it daily, it will cause skin breakouts and irritation. So, you can use this retinol serum 2-3 times a week at night, and make sure you wear sunscreen after using it to prevent skin burns.


13. Meditation for Relaxing Your Mind

Do you know your mind will give an effect on your skin? That’s why if you get stressed, your skin will look dull, or easy to get acne. Otherwise, if you feel relaxed and calm, your skin will look healthier than usual.

Therefore, you need to do things that can relieve your stress. And the right activity for this problem is meditation. I’m sure all of you already know the benefits of meditation. Yes, you’re right! It can make your mind feel relaxed and calm even if you have a lot of problems. You can do this activity in the morning for 10-15 minutes.


14. Protect Your Skin from UV Light with Sunscreen

The next thing that you should do is wear sunscreen in the morning. This is the most important step if you want to prevent premature aging and have healthy skin. Because UV light has a lot of bad effects on your skin like triggering acne, wrinkles, skin burn, and the very worst causing skin cancers.

So, if you don’t want this problem happens to your skin, you can try to apply this habit which is wearing sunscreen before doing activities during the day. For those who are still teenagers or want to do activities in the indoor room, you can use products with SPF 30. Meanwhile, for those who already turned 30’s or have an outdoor activity, you can prefer sunscreen with SPF 45 or SPF 50. Don’t forget to touch up your sunscreen every 2-4 hours.


15. Consume Collagen Drink

When your age turns 25, your skin collagen will decrease. This is why you get wrinkles easily and looks older. Therefore, you can consume collagen drinks to overcome this problem. Besides that, collagen drinks can also relieve muscle pain, support your heart health, and many more.

You don’t have to feel worried about the weird taste, because this drink is made from fruits and has a tasty taste. It’s much better if you can drink it with ice to make it works well and more delicious. So, to get pretty not always hurting, right?


16. Don’t Forget to Use Eye Cream

Last but not least that you can do for preventing premature aging is using an eye cream. Why we should focus on the eye area? So, here’s the reason! Usually, the skin around your eyes is drier than any part and also you can’t use any skincare. You need skincare that only focuses on the eye area to avoid irritation.

That’s why the skin around your eye will easy to get wrinkles. So, you can use an eye cream that contains ceramides which are good for overcoming wrinkles and also can reduce dark circles under the eye. And you can use it twice a day in the morning and at night before you sleep.


That’s all about the thing that you can do for preventing premature aging or anti-aging skincare ideas. What do you think? Isn’t it very easy and has a lot of benefits? Now, you can say goodbye to the beauty is a pain because by following our ideas you can look pretty and younger without pain. I hope you can enjoy and like the topic about anti-aging skincare ideas or tips skincare for preventing premature aging.

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