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How to Keep Your Healthy Skin and Stay Glowing in Your 20s

After your teenage age pass, I’m sure many things that you should consider. You must think about the future, where you want to live, or the job that you’re passionate about. Sounds terrifying enough right? That’s why many people always said being an adult is not easy! But girls, you can’t only concern with your life, you also should think about your body and skin condition.

When you turn your 20s, your skin condition will be different from when you’re still a teenager. It will be more sensitive like easy to get acne, skin breakout, looks dull, and the worst is gets wrinkles. Therefore, you need to choose the right skincare to prevent this problem happen. And I’m sure, it will make you feel more confused because you don’t know which right skincare to overcome your 20s skin.

But you don’t have to feel it anymore, girls! Because at this time, we will share with you how to keep your healthy skin and stay glowing in your 20s. Believe me, our ideas will work on your skin and you will get your dream skin. Are you feeling excited about this topic? So, without any for the do, let’s talk about it!

Skincare for Your 20s to Keep The Healthy and Glowing Skin

1. Get a Minimum of 7 Hours of Sleep

The first idea that we will give to you is the idea that you will love which is sleeping! Yes, being mature will make you have a sleepless time that can give a bad effect on your skin. If you don’t have enough sleep, your skin will look dull, and gets acne, so we recommend you to get sleep at least 7 hours. No matter how busy you are, you should spend time for sleep!

Besides it is good for your skin, it is also good for your body’s health. Like increasing your focus, avoiding mood swings, improving memory, maintaining your heart health, and many more. So, having enough sleep is very important, right?

2. Do Double Cleansing is a Must

Next is doing double cleansing! Do you know how important it is to do this technique? Cleansing your face with a makeup remover first, then washing your face with a facial wash can help you to gain clear skin. With your clear skin, you can make your skincare product absorb and works well on your skin. Then, you will achieve healthy and glowing skin in your 20s.

Feeling confused about this statement? Okay, let us clear it for you. If you think doing double cleansing for people who often use makeup, you are wrong. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you still need to do this technique to make sure your pores are cleansed from dust and pollution. Choosing a product for your double cleansing also determines the result.

How to choose a makeup remover? Alright, for those who have oily skin, we recommend you try micellar water for the makeup remover. Meanwhile, if your skin is dry or sensitive, I think cleansing oil or cleansing balm will be the right choice for you because it won’t make your skin drier or even irritated. Then if you want to go to travel or a compact product, you can use a wet tissue remover that is suitable for all skin types.

3. Don’t Pop Every Pimple and Use Spot Treatment

Turning 20s doesn’t mean the acne won’t come into your skin. If you can’t take care of your skin well, it will be very easy to get acne. But you don’t have to feel stressed about it or even pop the pimple! This is totally wrong because it can make your skin get inflammation and the acne will be so much worst. You don’t want this to happen, right?

The first thing that you should do is relax your mind and don’t ever think to pop it. Furthermore, you can continue to find the right spot treatment. You can choose a product that has a Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree which can kill the bacteria. Use it twice a day, in the morning and at night before you sleep to get the maximal result.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week

Just doing double cleansing is not enough to make your skin pores clean. You need extra effort if you want to achieve healthy and glowing skin. And one of the efforts that you can do is do exfoliating once a week. Why only once a week? It is because when you do exfoliate, your skin will be thinner, so if you do this many times, your skin will get irritation.

I know people who have sensitive skin will be afraid doing exfoliate because they think it would make their skin irritated. But you don’t have to worry because exfoliate products are divided into physical exfoliates and chemical exfoliates. So, do you feel confused about which kind of exfoliate that suitable for your skin? Here’s the explanation.

First, physical exfoliate in the form of scrub. This kind of exfoliate that suitable for people who have oily and normal skin. Furthermore, chemical exfoliates are usually in the form of liquid like toner or serum. When you use it, you don’t have to rub your skin, and the texture is very gentle. So, if you have dry, sensitive, or acne skin, you can prefer this one.

5. Drink Water 2 Liters per Day

I shouldn’t add this idea I guess, because I’m sure all of you already know how important drinking enough water is. It will give a big impact on your body and skin because if you drink enough water, you will get a healthy body and skin either. Therefore, we recommend you to drink water at least 2 liters per day.

As you know, if you drink less water, your body will be weak, get a headache, lose focus, and the worst thing is dehydration. If you feel confused about this statement, we can make it clear so you will understand. The human body consists of 60-70% of water, so it means ¾ of your body is water. When you do an activity, the water in your body will be decreased and if you don’t bring it back, your body will get negative effects.

Water also has the function to detox the toxin in your body, therefore, it can be very helpful for you who have acne-prone skin or any skin problems. Furthermore, drinking water can make your skin moist so it can avoid premature aging.

6. Eat a Healthy Food

Dreaming has healthy skin but still eats junk food? So don’t ever wish your dream will come true. Because junk food consists of trans fat which is not good for your body. If you love to eat junk food, your body can be fat and your skin will get worst. Do you want this problem to happen to your body and skin? Wouldn’t it be better to prevent it?

So, you can change your eating habits from junk food to healthy food. What is healthy food? Healthy food is a food that considers the fat, protein, carbohydrate, and nutrition in the right proportion. Like, eat salad, fruit, fish, egg, and many more. Sounds boring and not delicious? Who said that? You can make a creation from healthy food, like make a steak from mushrooms or make a fruit salad. It just depends on yourself, girls! So, go try healthy food habits and feel the result!

7. Apply Antioxidant Serum at Night

After we take care from the inside, it’s time to take care of your skin from the outside by wearing serum. But you can’t choose whatever you want, because if you want to get perfect skin and prevent premature aging, you should try a serum that has antioxidants like vitamin C or retinol. These kinds of ingredients can be worn for any skin type.

Don’t worry about wasting the serum that you already have, because you can still wear it. You just have to wear antioxidant serum at night. And make sure you wear sunscreen in the morning to prevent skin burns or irritation. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, you can try to wear it only 2-3 times a week to avoid skin breakouts.

8. Use Product with Hyaluronic Acid Ingredient

Next is using a product that has Hyaluronic Acid Ingredient. Do you know the function of this ingredient? Yes, you’re right, to moisten your skin! No matter what your skin type is, you still need to moisten your skin to prevent wrinkles comes. Because if you let your skin dry, your skin will easy to get wrinkles, so you will look older.

Remember that you already turn your 20s, so it’s important to maintain your skin elasticity. For people that have oily skin, you don’t have to feel worried it will make your skin looks greasy. Because Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of ingredient that easy to absorb and maybe, you can choose a product that has a watery texture too. Usually, you can find this ingredient in toner, essence, serum, or moisturizer.

9. Pay Attention to Your Hands and Neck

Not only your face needs to take care of but your hand and neck need it too. Because that’s the area that will easily get wrinkles. So, our suggestion is when you use skincare products you can bring them to your neck too. Meanwhile, for the hand area, you can apply a body cream or hand cream whenever you feel your skin is dry.

Furthermore, try to exfoliate your neck and hands too to make sure it always cleans so your skincare will absorb and works well on that area too to get the maximal result. What are you waiting for? Go take care of your hand and neck!

10. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Who’s having a habit of drinking alcohol? I’m sure almost all of you will raise your hand because this is the right kind of drink to enjoy the party or can relax your mind. But do you know alcohol drink can give a bad effect on your body and skin health?

For your skin health, alcohol can make your pores bigger, ruin your skin barrier, gets acne or inflammation, and make your skin drier. So, which can be concluded, alcohol can make your skin worst and trigger premature aging.

Meanwhile, for your body’s health, it can make interfere with blood circulation, loss of consciousness, GERD, and the very worst cause liver damage. So, hearing about the bad effect, I’m sure it will make you feel afraid, right? Therefore, change this habit now and try to drink healthily.

11. Use Eye Cream to Prevent Wrinkles and Dark Circle

Being an adult means you’re ready for a hectic time and sleepless time. I’m sure, you already know what the effect of both of it, right? Of course, the dark circle will come! Therefore, you should prevent it by wearing eye cream. Besides overcoming dark circles, eye cream can also moisten your under-eyes area to keep the elasticity to avoid wrinkles.

For those who are still a beginner at skincare, will be confused about choosing the right product for you. That’s why we are here to help you find your eye cream! We recommend you try a product that has ceramides ingredients. Because it’s can brighten your under eyes 5x more effectively than any ingredients and also very helpful as an anti-aging.


12. Always Using Sunscreen During The Day

Last but not least that we always remind to you which is wearing sunscreen during the day! I believe if you are a beginner, you will be confused about the use of sunscreen. So let us tell you! UV light has dangerous effects on your skin like making your skin dull, triggering acne, skin breakouts, wrinkles, skin burn, and the very worst is skin cancers. Therefore, you need to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen!

You should wear this product as the last step of your morning skincare routine. Furthermore, you can bring the product to your bag and reapply it every 2-4 hours to get the maximal result. Especially for you who are an acne fighter, you will need sunscreen to reduce the inflammation.

That’s all about the skincare routine ideas for your 20s. What do you think? Isn’t it very easy to follow? I’m sure the answer is yes, moreover if you want to maintain your healthy and glowing skin. You can do step by step if doing all of this still feel hard, just take your time, girls! I hope this “how to keep your healthy skin and stay glowing in your 20s” can inspire you!

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