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How to Get Rid of Acne [Skincare for Acne Prone Skin]

Talking about skincare will never feel bored because this is a very important topic that you must learn. If you know the right skincare for your skin type, I believe you will get the healthy and glowing skin your dream of. That’s why you should learn more and always update about the newest skincare tips!

But the biggest problem is many people with acne-prone skin feel give up on their selves just because they don’t know how to heal it. Girls, I really know how frustrating you are! You must remember, to heal your acne needs a long time. You should wear the right skincare that can reduce inflammation and fix your skin barrier.

Therefore, we are here to help you by sharing the topic of skincare ideas for acne-prone skin. We will give you a recommended product to help you get rid of acne that makes you feel insecure. Are you feeling excited, girls? Yes, I know you are! So, without any for the do, let’s move on to the topic!


Skincare Ideas for Acne-Prone Skin


1. Always Do Double Cleansing

The very first step that you should do is doing double cleansing. I’m sure if you’re still a beginner at skincare will confuse about it. Okay, let me explain it to you! Double cleansing is the step in which you cleanse your skin twice with a different product.

The first step is using a makeup cleanser. Then for the second step, you can use a facial wash. Let’s talk about the first step! For you who have acne skin must be careful about choosing the product for you. That’s why we recommend you wear micellar water that is safe for all skin types.

Even if you don’t wear any makeup, you must still do this step. Because it’s not only to cleanse the makeup, but you can also use it to cleanse dirt, dust, or pollution on your skin that will trigger acne or skin breakout.


2. Wash Your Face Using Facial Wash

To finish your double cleansing step, you must wash your face with a facial wash. The function of facial wash is to cleanse the leftover product or dirt on your skin. Because for you who have acne skin, you should make sure that your skin is always clean.

Furthermore, for acne-prone skin, you have to be careful in choosing the type of product. Make sure the ingredients are suitable for your skin and can help you overcome the inflammation. Therefore, we suggest you try a facial wash product that contains Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree which is good for overcoming acne.

But if you feel those products make your skin drier, you can prefer a facial wash that has a claimed low pH. This product will very helpful to balance your skin pH and make your skin moist even if you already washed it.


3. Wear a Mask Once a Week

Sometimes wearing your daily skincare product is not enough. You need extra effort if you want your skin to be healed. That’s why you can try to use a mask as extra skincare to overcome your skin problem.

There are a lot of types of masks that will be very confusing for you, especially if you’re still a beginner. But you don’t have to worry, because we’re gonna tell you which is the best mask for your skin type.

If you have acne-prone skin, you can prefer a mask that can reduce the inflammation and make your acne easily to get dries. So, a clay mask, DIY mask, or wash-off mask gonna be the best solution for your skin. You just have to apply it all over your face and wait for it for 15-20 minutes until it dries. Furthermore, you can try to cleanse it with warm water.


4. Exfoliate to Cleanse Your Skin Pores

Okay, after talking about masks, let’s move on to the exfoliating step. It has the function to cleanse the dirt on your pores. But it doesn’t mean you can exfoliate your skin every day. You just need to do this step only 1-2 times a week and not more than that.

Exfoliation is divided into two products which are physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. If you have acne-prone skin, you can prefer a chemical exfoliation that’s safe on your skin. Because physical exfoliation has a rough texture which can cause skin irritation or even inflammation.

But if you are more like physical exfoliation, you can choose a product that is made from a cotton pad that will not cause skin irritation. And it’s obvious we suggest you choose chemical exfoliation over physical exfoliation to make sure your skin is safe and will not get irritation.


5. Bring Back Your Skin pH with Toner

After you wash your face with facial wash, I believe your skin pH will be imbalanced. Even if you have already chosen a product that has low pH it’s still not helpful to balance your skin pH.

If you let this problem happen, your skin will get worse and cause acne easily. Therefore, you need to bring back your skin pH by using toner. Toner has a watery texture that can give hydration to your skin. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to use it by choosing the right ingredients of toner.

For those who have acne-prone skin, you can choose a product that has ingredients Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, or even Centella Asiatica. All of those ingredients will very helpful to reduce acne and loose the dark spot. Use it twice a day in the morning and night to get the maximum result.


6. Essence to Hydrate Your Skin

I know you will be confused when you hear the word hydrate because usually people who have acne-prone skin tend to have oily skin too. But it doesn’t mean you can let your skin dry. Besides, it can irritate, let your skin dry can make your skin breakout too. So you need the help of essence for this problem.

You can adjust the product with your skin, and we recommend you choose a product that has a light texture and is watery that will easily absorb into your skin. Furthermore, for the ingredients, you can use Tea Tree, Centella Asiatica, or Hyaluronic Acid that will safe for your acne skin.


7. Overcoming Your Acne Skin by Using Serum

Now it’s time to fix your acne skin! You need the help of serum to overcome your skin problem. Because serum has a high concentration that will focus to fix your skin. Therefore, you need to find the right ingredients based on your problems to get the maximal result.

To overcome and reduce acne, you may choose the ingredients between Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid, Centella Asiatica, and Retinol. If you choose the Retinol ingredient, you can use it at night and make sure you wear sunscreen in the morning before doing your activity. It’s because Retinol is a harsh ingredient for your skin that possibly irritate you.

Sounds terrifying? Don’t have to be panic girls! You just need to use the product according to the instruction. And I believe it will be amazing on your skin after a month of using Retinol. Besides, reducing acne, it can also loose the dark spot.


8. Use Spot Treatment to Speed Up Healing

To speed up healing your skin, you can also use a spot treatment to reduce acne. But you can’t use it all over your face because it will make your skin dry. You only need to put it on the area that has acne or a dark spot.

Before you use the product, you can read the instruction first. It’s because some spot treatment products only can be used at night. And we also recommend using it before you sleep to get the maximum result. Don’t forget to use sunscreen during the day before going outside.


9. Moisturizer for Locking Your Previous Skincare

Who feels afraid of using moisturizer because you’re afraid your skin will be greasy? This is an old mind that you should throw away! Moisturizer never makes your skin greasy, if this happens to you, it’s a sign you choose the wrong product for your skin. Therefore, we are here to teach you about choosing the right moisturizer.

If you feel your skin is very oily even if you don’t wear anything, you can choose a product that has a light and watery texture to make it easily absorb into your skin. Otherwise, if your skin tends to dry, you can prefer a product that has a thick and creamy texture.

Furthermore, choose the product that has the function to fix your skin barrier too. Usually, it has ceramide ingredients. If your skin barrier is fixed, I believe the acne will be gone forever from your skin!


10. Always Use Sunscreen Before Doing Your Activity

For you who always feel lazy to wear sunscreen, you must stop this habit! I know sometimes using skincare is tiring and wasting time. But if you want to get healthy skin, you must throw away your laziness! As you know, UV light has a very dangerous side for your skin causing acne, skin breakout, irritation, uneven skin, or even skin cancers.

People with acne-prone skin can’t wear sunscreen that has a high SPF. You can prefer the product that has SPF 35 or SPF 45 which is safe for your skin. Furthermore, choosing a product that has a watery texture is also important too. Then, reapply sunscreen every 2-4 hours to make sure your skin is always protected.


11. Moist Your Lips with Lip Balm

Not only your skin needs to take care of, but your lips need it too! You always should make sure your lips are always hydrated and moist to prevent wounds. Therefore, using lip balm will be very helpful for this problem.

Especially for you who love to wear lipstick, I’m sure your lips will get darker and drier than people who don’t wear it. If you can use lip balm frequently, you will overcome this problem and make your lips get a natural pink look. Use it twice a day or whenever you feel your lips are dry!


That’s all about acne-prone skincare ideas that we can share with you. Isn’t this topic very helpful for you? Now you know how to deal with your acne skin, right? So, you don’t have to get frustrated anymore. Go fight your acne and get your healthy skin like in your dream! I hope it can inspire you and enjoy the topic about how to get rid of acne or skincare for acne-prone skin.

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