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Where to Sell Your Gold and Unwanted Pieces of Jewelry in Newport Beach?

One of the best ways to earn a little extra cash and get rid of unwanted items around your house is to sell gold and other pieces of unwanted jewelry that may have been sitting around for years without use. Selling unwanted jewelry is a great way of freeing up space and earning a few extra bucks, however, it may be tricky to find a reputable and trusted jewelry store in Newport Beach. Following are a variety of things to look for, and a few to avoid, when finding the best place to sell unwanted gold and jewelry items.

See What Others Are Saying

One of the most trusted ways to find a reputable jewelry store is by asking those who are familiar with local jewelers and resellers. Often times, the best way to find out what locations to avoid, and which are excellent and trustworthy choices is through local word of mouth. Usually, an established jewelry shop which has maintained a loyal customer base will be an excellent option, as they would not be able to stay in business if they provided poor customer service or low-quality products. Ask around, and see which resell businesses or jewelers that neighbors and other locals recommend. If they aren’t familiar with local companies, they may be able to recommend someone else who is quite familiar with reputable and established jewelers in the area.

Conduct Research and Read All Reviews

Many times, consumers may fall victim to what is otherwise known in the industry as “confirmation bias”. Confirmation bias, is when a consumer will purposefully seek out information that verifies their underlying belief in the superiority or mediocrity of a product. Confirmation bias can also be found when seeking out a particular service or vendor, so it’s important to go into researching a gold and jewelry store with an open mind. Sometimes the most popular or well-known resellers may not be as reputable as one may have hoped. Be sure to check the reputation of local jewelry stores online by reading all reviews, both the positive and the negative ones. People usually take the time to write a review if their experience or service is extraordinary in a positive or a negative way. Be leery of reviews which may be overly “glowing,” as the review may have been incentivized by the business, or may even be fake. There are companies which will pay people to publish glowing reviews, even if the creator has never set foot in the establishment. Be aware of these potential fake reviews, and take each with a grain of salt.

Check With the Better Business Bureau for Potential Pitfalls or Issues With the Jeweler

For decades, the Better Business Bureau has been widely regarded as the leading agency in establishing best business practices for consumers, as well as investigating consumer fraud and other allegations made towards businesses and companies. Because the Better Business Bureau thoroughly investigates questionable companies which have been reported to them, it can be assured that if complaints against a jeweler or a reseller are found to be accurate, it will show up on their website. When reselling gold and jewelry, one must make sure that they will receive fair compensation for their items. While some complaints and allegations may be false or inaccurate, there is a good chance that there is truth to most reports made to the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, any jeweler with questionable ratings with the Better Business Bureau is best to be avoided.

Become Familiar With the Worth of the Items Being Resold

Whether these items were passed down through generations, given as gifts, or even picked up at an estate sale, it’s extremely important that one becomes very familiar with the item’s inherent worth, resell value, and gemstone quality (if applicable). Reputable jewelers will offer a fair price on items being resold, and will not mind if their customer asks to see their contracted professionals who will do the appraising. High quality jewelers will be happy to introduce their customers to their team of professionals, and will be happy to answer any and all questions one may have when it comes to the appraisal process, as well as how they determine quality of each piece.

To recap, in order to find a trusted and reputable jeweler in the area, one must be sure to:

– See what others locals are saying

– Conduct thorough research and read all reviews

– Check with the Better Business Bureau

– Be familiar with the products intend to be resold, and know their worth

By following the aforementioned steps and taking care to research reputable jewelry companies, one is more likely to receive excellent service, fair compensation, and a pleasant experience when reselling gold and unwanted pieces of jewelry at Newport Beach.

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