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Korean Skincare Routine to Get Glowing and Healthy Skin [Skincare Routine Tips]

Are you Korean lovers? Maybe Korean is very popular with their fashion, drama, music, and makeup. But have you ever seen Korean people’s skin? Isn’t it look glowing and healthy? You’re right! I know you get jealous because you have been do anything but your skin looks dull and get acne.

Okay, let me clear it! Korean is also popular with their skincare, not only that, they have their own way to achieve healthy skin. That’s why their skin looks like glass and doesn’t have any dark spots. I know you’re very confused now because you don’t know how to get healthy skin like Korean girls.

But you don’t have to worry anymore! Because at this time, we want to share with you about Korean skincare routine to make your skin glowing and healthy. You can make your dream come true girls by following these tips. Are you feeling excited and really want to know about it? Okay, without any for the do, let’s get a jump to the topic!


12 Korean Skincare That You Should Know for Getting Healthy Skin


1. Do Double Cleansing with Makeup Remover

The first that you should do is double cleansing! Almost every Korean girl never skips this step. Because with clear skin, your skincare can absorb and work well on your skin. Besides that, it can help you to avoid acne or skin breakout.

Even though it’s called a makeup remover, but for you who don’t wear makeup, you still need this product! Because it can help you to lift the dirt and pollution that stay in your pores. You can do this step using makeup remover like micellar water, cleansing balm, or cleansing oil. If you’re still confused about which one you should wear, let me tell you.

For those who have oily and acne-prone skin, you can use micellar water that’s safe for your skin. And for you who have dry and sensitive skin, we do recommend you wear a cleansing balm or cleansing oil. Both of them are having the same function, the difference is just the texture.


2. Wash Your Face with Facial Wash

After you already finished doing step one, you can move on to wash your face. This is what we called double cleansing because you cleanse your face with two products. Don’t forget to choose the facial wash based on your skin type and skin problems.

But if you want a safe facial wash for your skin, you can choose the product that has a claimed low pH. Because it won’t break your skin barrier and keep your skin stay hydrated. And to prevent acne or skin breakout, you can wash your face in less than 1 minute with a gentle motion.


3. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week

You need to lift your dead skin cells once a week, to help your skin regeneration. Because do double cleansing it’s not enough, moreover, if you have outdoor activities. Believe me, your pores will be full of dirt and pollution.

If you let it stay in your pores, it can make your skin condition worst like getting acne or skin breakout. That’s why you should cleanse it by using an exfoliate. But, remember to use it once a week to not break your skin barrier.

There are two types of exfoliating which are chemical exfoliating and physical exfoliating. Chemical exfoliate usually in the form of toner that will be suitable for you who have acne and sensitive skin. Meanwhile, physical exfoliation is like a scrub that matches for you who have dry skin because it will not make your skin dry. Just make sure you choose a gentle and smooth scrub to not make your skin irritated.

4. Toner for Bring Back Your Skin pH

After you’re washing your face, your skin tends to dry, no matter how oily your skin it still makes your skin feels dry. Do you know why it could happen? Let me explain to you. It’s because your skin pH it’s not balanced.

Therefore, we recommend you use a toner! Not only that, toner has the function to overcome any skin problems and make your skin calmer. You can choose a toner that has ingredients Hyaluronic Acid or Centella Asiatica that are safe for all skin types.


5. Apply Essence to Help Your Skincare Absorb Well on Your Skin

Feeling like your skincare doesn’t work well on your skin? So essence will be the answer! Almost every Korean girl are use this product. Because essence has the function to help your next skincare can absorb and work well on your skin.

Besides that, the essence is very suitable for you who have dry skin because it can also hydrate your skin. Maybe some of you think this product is useless but in fact, it can give a big effect on your skin. You can choose an essence that contains Hyaluronic Acid ingredients that are safe for all skin types.


6. Hydrate Your Skin with Sheet Mask

If you love to watch Korean drama, you will see the actress wearing a mask that looks like tissue at the night. Do you know what’s the name of the product? It’s called a sheet mask. A sheet mask is a type of mask made in Korean that can moisturize your skin.

Not only that, but a sheet mask also has the function to give more nutrition to your skin. It can help you to overcome any skin problems. Even though it has a claim to hydrate and moisturizes skin, it’s very suitable for you who have oily skin because it does not make your skin feel greasy.


7. Using Serum for Fixing Your Skin Problems

Have a skin problem that is very hard to resolve? Don’t worry because there is a product called serum! You can overcome any skin problem with it if you can use it frequently. Just choose based on your skin type and skin problems.

If you have acne-prone skin or oily skin, you can choose a serum that contains Salicylic Acid or tea tree that can resolve your acne and hold the oil on your face. For you who have dry skin, you can choose a serum that has Hyaluronic Acid. And the last for you who have dark spots or dull skin, you can choose Niacinamide, Vitamin C, or Retinol ingredients. Besides that, retinol can also prevent wrinkles.


8. Overcome Dark Circle with Eye Cream

Some of adult problems is having a dark circle because they have less time to sleep. You know when you already got this problem, it will be very hard to remove if you don’t wear an eye cream! You can use this product in the morning and night before you sleep.

Besides that, wearing eye cream can be one activity to prevent premature aging. Because it helps you to keep your under-eye area from wrinkles. Especially, if you choose an eye cream that contains ceramides ingredients that very fast to overcome dark circles and wrinkles. Say goodbye to your panda eyes.


9. Moisturizer to Lock the Skincare

After you use all your skincare routine, now you should lock all the products with a moisturizer. It’s the same as a powder that can lock your makeup. Not only for locking your skincare, but moisturizer has the function to keep your skin stay moist.

Even if you have oily skin, you still need to wear moisturizer. But you can choose a moisturizer that has a light texture. And for those who have dry skin, you can prefer a product that has a thick texture which is good for moist your skin.


10. Use Sun Protection in the Morning

This is the thing that almost every Korean girl will never forget to use. Of course, sunscreen! Do you know how important it is? It will protect your skin from the danger of UV light which can cause acne, uneven skin, sunburn, and the very worst is skin cancers.

And if you start to use this product since you’re a teenager, your skin will look younger because it can also prevent premature aging. You can use it at the end step of your morning skincare before you do your activity.


11. Apply Sleeping Mask Before Going to Bed

You know that Korea has many beauty products that can keep your skin healthy. And one of the very popular is a sleeping mask. This is the product that you can use before going to sleep. You can wear a sleeping mask like you wear moisturizer and cleanse it in the morning when you’re wakeup.

This product will help you to overcome your tired skin after a hard day. And you can look how fresh your skin when you’re wakeup in the morning. If you can use it frequently, it also has benefits to overcoming acne, dark spots, and premature aging.


12. Keep Your Lips Moist with Lip Balm

Not only taking care of your skin, but you should also take care of your lips too. Especially for you who are a lipstick addict! Using lipstick daily can make your lips dry and look darker. So, you can overcome this problem with lip balm.

And theirs is tinted lip balm that has the function to give a color to your lips. This is an alternative for you who does not like to wear lipstick. Or you can use lip balm before applying lipstick or lip tint to prevent your lips get drying. So for you who still skip this part, maybe you can start to use it for now!


That’s it! To get healthy and glowing skin like a Korean girl is very easy and simple right? The key is just consistent and never skip doing your skincare. Because every Korean girl never forgets to use their skincare. I think it’s enough that we can share with you. I hope you can get the ideas and follow these tips about the Korean skincare routine to get glowing and healthy skin.

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