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Easy and Light Makeup for Teenagers [Makeup Ideas for Teens]

Who said teenagers can’t dress up and makeup? Moreover, it’s time for you to find your true self by doing a dress-up and makeup. Especially, at puberty time, you want to look charming which can attract everyone. But that doesn’t mean, you can wear or do any makeup that you want. You should also adjust to your age to avoid being tacky or looking old.

I know sometimes you really want to like adults that wear too much makeup but look pretty. Poor girl! At your age, you should maintain your young face and if you want to wear makeup, make sure it doesn’t change your whole face. Are you feeling confused about how to wear the right makeup and maintain your cute face?

Don’t have to feel worried, teens! Because now, we will give you a tutorial about how to get easy and light makeup for teenagers. Believe me, this makeup will very suitable to use for any occasion even a party. I believe you already feel excited about this topic! Okay, without any for the do, let’s jump to the tutorial.


Easy and Light Makeup for Teenagers


1. Protect Your Skin with Skincare

The very first step that you should do is to wear skincare. This part has the function to protect your pretty skin from chemical makeup. I’m sure, for you who are still teenagers have clear and flawless skin, and that’s why you should keep your healthy skin from the dangers of makeup. Then, you should wear skincare based on your skin type. Let me help you to find your skincare!

If your skin type is dry, you can prefer skincare that has a thick and creamy texture to hydrate your skin. Otherwise, if your skin is oily, you can use skincare that is made from gel and has a light texture. Using fewer products also helps you to avoid greasy makeup. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you want to go during the day.


2. Tinted Moisturizer for The Complexion

For the complexion product, we don’t suggest you wear foundation. Because it has a heavy texture which is not good for your young skin. Especially, if you have flawless and healthy skin, I think you don’t need to wear any complexion product. But if you just want to even your skin tone, you can prefer using a tinted moisturizer.

Tinted moisturizer is a combination between foundation and skincare which is better than foundation. You can apply the product all over your face and use a beauty sponge or your fingers to blend it. Make sure you blend everything well until it merges with your skin to prevent a clown face.


3. Concealer to Hide The Blemishes

Puberty time it’s the time when your hormone gets high. This can be the cause why you get acne or breakout. But, you don’t have to feel insecure, because you can hide it by using concealer. This product has high coverage, therefore, you can use it all over your face because it will make your skin look greasy or cakey.

Because concealer is divided into two types, which are liquid concealer and cream concealer. I think for you who are still teenagers can prefer to use a liquid concealer that has a natural finish. But if you don’t have any blemishes you may skip this part.

If you want to wear concealer, you just have to focus on the area that needs coverage like under the eyes, acne, or uneven skin. Then, you can wait a few minutes until the conditions are half-dry to get full coverage. Furthermore, use a wet sponge or fingers to blend it.


4. Get Natural Blushy Cheeks with Cream Blush

Now it’s time for you to give a color to your face that has the function to make your face look fresh and sweet. So, our choice falls into a cream blush which can give natural blushy cheeks. You should avoid powder blush because it will make you look tacky.

For the color of blush, coral or peach will be a great idea because this color can make you look sweet and suitable for teenagers. Then, after choosing the right color, you can apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend it until it looks natural.


5. Set Your Base Makeup by Using Translucent Powder

If you feel enough with your base makeup, you can immediately set it with a powder. The powder has a lot of types, there are loose powder, translucent powder, two-way cake powder, and powder foundation. For this makeup, you can use translucent powder which doesn’t change your skin tone and doesn’t have coverage.

The way you applied the powder can determine your makeup finish. So we will share with your the tips to wear powder. For people with dry skin, you just have to apply the powder on the area that easy to get crack and the area where you put concealer. Meanwhile, for oily skin, you can do a backing technique. But how to do the backing technique?

It’s very easy girls, you just have to take a lot of powder with a sponge. Then, you can apply it on the area that easy to get oil and where you put the concealer. And wait for it until you feel the powder set into your skin. Furthermore, blend it well using a large powder brush.


6. Natural Eyebrows Shape

For the eyebrows, I think you just have to do natural eyebrows look. If you have thick and shaped brows, you’re lucky and just set it with a clear mascara brow. But if your eyebrows are thin, you should draw it as natural as possible. Then here’s a tutorial for you.

First, brush up your eyebrows with a spoolie brush. Then, you can continue to fill in the blank space and draw following your natural brows shape using an eyebrow pencil. Next, set the hair brows with a mascara brow. Furthermore, use concealer to make it clean and neat.


7. Brown Color Eyeshadow to Keep The Natural Look

Moving on to the eye makeup. For those who are still teenagers, you don’t have to use bold eye makeup. And you should choose an eyeshadow color that will look natural like brown or nude color. Furthermore, how to apply the eyeshadow is also important.

First, take a light color eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyes. Then, use a darker color, you can put it on your crease in the outer corner. Blend until there’s no harsh line to prevent the tacky look. Last, use a shimmer color for the inner corner to make your eye makeup alive. Do the same thing to the lower eyes.


8. Natural Wing Eyeliner

This step is optional, if you already have big eyes, you may skip this part. But if your eyes are small, you will need the help of eyeliner to make your eyes look longer and sharper. For the eyeliner, we recommend you use a liquid or pencil eyeliner.

Don’t ever think to draw the liner from the inner corner, because it will make your face look older. Our suggestion is just to draw the line at the end of your eyes and make a small wing eyeliner just to define the eyes. Then the eyeliner part is done!


9. Use Mascara for The Lashes

The last step of your eye makeup! You should try to wear mascara to make your eyes awake and bigger. You may skip the eyeliner part, but you can’t skip mascara. But I’m sure, once you do this step, you will make it as your daily habit.

Before you put on the mascara, you can curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler. Do this step carefully because it can hurt your eyes. Furthermore, start to apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Make sure you choose mascara that can give a long and thick effect.


10. Choose Liptint for The Lip Product

Now get into every girl’s favorite part, am I right? Of course, I am! Because lip product is a lifesavers to maintain your natural beauty. Moreover, some girls will feel insecure if don’t use any lip product and their faces look pale. For you who are still teenagers, lip tint gonna be the best choice.

Do the ombre lips technique to make you look younger. You can conceal the dark line on your lips with a concealer. Then, use a lip tint only on the inner lip and blend it until it looks like the gradation. You can reapply the product if you feel it still looks pale. Furthermore, to keep your lips moist, you can add a lip balm.


11. Lock Your Whole Makeup Wearing Setting Spray

Last but not least! For the last step of your makeup, you can wear a setting spray that has the function to lock your makeup. Besides that, it will help your makeup looks not powdery and natural. Isn’t this product very useful? But, you should choose the product based on your skin type to get the maximal result.

Wear a dewy finish setting spray if your skin is dry because it will moisten and hydrate your skin so your makeup will not crack. Meanwhile, if you have oily skin, you can prefer a matte finish setting spray to hold the oil on your skin. But if you don’t have setting spray, you can change it with a face mist but we’re not sure it can lock your makeup.


Your makeup is done! What do you think girls? Do you love it? Of course, you will! Because this makeup will very suitable for teenager age and will not make your face look older. Not only that but this makeup also can be used by adults.

Now you can look pretty with natural makeup. Say no more to bold and tacky makeup! You can adjust the color and technique by your needs and the occasions that you want to attend. I hope you can follow this tutorial easily and enjoy the topic of easy and light makeup for teenagers or makeup ideas for teens.

Sarry Aulia
Sarry Aulia
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