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How to Look Chic and Stylish for Work [ Work Outfit Ideas]

Work is an activity that is very boring and will break your mood when you hear it. I believe you will remember all the deadlines that you should finish in a quick time. But girls, there’s something that can boost your mood for work and also will make you feel alive. Do you know what it is? Of course, by wearing an outfit that you like!

Work sounds boring because you just wear the same outfit every day and I’m sure some of your friends will judge that you are a boring person. You have to change your looks now by using an outfit that will make you look chic. Okay, I know it’s kinda hard to style or mix and match the outfit, especially for work. Because you have to consider about the formal and neat look.

Be calm, girls! There’s nothing that you have to worry about! At this time, we want to share with you chic and stylish outfits for work or you can call work outfit ideas that might inspire you. I’m sure you will love our ideas that will still make you look formal. Are you feeling excited about this? So, let’s move on to the topic.

Work Outfit Ideas to Look Chic and Stylish

Make Your Basic Outfit Looks Extra

A basic outfit will make you look boring. But if you can style it, I’m sure it will make you look stylish! So, you can mix baggy jeans and a shirt. But for the shirt, we recommend you tie it to make it look different and extra. Then, give a touch of accessories like necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to level up your fashion style.

Move to the hair part, and choose a hairstyle that looks simple to balance your basic outfit like a messy bun, high ponytail, or French twist hair. You may let your hair loose if you don’t want to tie your hair. Next, for the shoes, you can choose between heels, sneakers, or ankle boots. Furthermore, wear a sling bag, shoulder bag, or handbag as your bag.

Get a Nerd Chic Outfit Look with Loose Pants and Cardigan

Who said a nerd outfit can’t look chic? You’re wrong about it! You still can be in your comfort zone but get chic at the same time by wearing loose pants and a cardigan. Then, use a shirt for the inner top, and voila, your outfit looks amazing now! Don’t forget to use some accessories to make your nerd outfit look glamorous.

For the hair part, we recommend you make a low ponytail, high ponytail, or low bun to give an elegant vibe. You can also let your hair loose and curl it which can make you look more fashionable. Now, wear ankle boots for the shoes to support your chic look. And last, for carrying your important items, use a handbag, shoulder bag, or sling bag.

Looks Simple with Mini Dress and Sweater

Wake up late and need a simple outfit that can make you look fashionable? Okay, this idea will very helpful for you! Mix and match a mini dress and a sweater, then you’re ready to go! If you want to make your outfit look fancy, you can use some accessories like a necklace, glasses, earrings, or bracelets. Remember to not wear too many accessories to prevent a tacky look.

Because you are in hurry, I believe you need a quick hairstyle to get like a high ponytail or messy bun. But if you don’t have any time, just let your hair loose and add a headband to make it look neat. Next, wear high-knee boots for your toe, or heels if you want to keep the casual look. Furthermore, a shoulder bag, sling bag, tote bag, or handbag to save your stuff.

Asymmetric Skirts and Blouse to Get a Feminine Look

This is for you who want to look feminine for work. Because we will suggest you wear an asymmetric skirt and mix it with a blouse. Even if it looks simple, the design of the skirt will make you look stylish. Moreover, you can add some accessories that have a simple design like a necklace, earrings, or bracelet that can bring your outfit to another level.

Because we want to look feminine, so your hair should match it too. That’s why our choice falls into a half ponytail, high ponytail, or low ponytail. But, you can let your hair loose and use some hairpins if you feel tired to tie your hair. Move to the part of shoes, I think heels gonna be the best choice to balance this outfit. Lastly, wear a handbag, sling bag, or clutch as your bag.

Mix and Match Loose Pants and Crop Blazer

Feeling confused to mix and match your outfit? Don’t worry! Because you can still look chic with a cropped blazer and loose pants. Then, wear a crop tank top for the inner top. To look formal and neat you can button the blazer, but if you want it a little bit messy, just let the button loose. Now, add a simple design of accessories to give a glamorous look.

Let your hair loose and make it curl to look classy. But if your hair is in a messy condition, you can try a high ponytail, French twist hair, or even a messy bun. Just choose which kind of hairstyle you like! Complete your outfit by using heels or sneakers for the shoes if you want to look casual. But to make it chicer, you may change it with ankle boots. Furthermore, a handbag or shoulder bag to bring your needs.

Looks Casual Using Jeans and Puffy Sleeves Shirt

Isn’t a casual outfit a safe outfit when you’re nothing to wear? Because this outfit can be formal too. So, you just have to style your jeans with a puffy sleeves shirt to make you look stylish. Isn’t it very simple? If you feel that so, you can add a few accessories like a necklace, earrings, or a barret hat that can make your outfit looks not boring.

Jump into the hair part, you should choose a hairstyle that can balance your casual outfit like a high ponytail, messy bun, or you can let it loose. Mix this style with high-knee boots if you want to look extra. But for people who love a casual style, you may prefer sneakers or heels. And last, for the bag, we suggest you wear a shoulder bag, handbag, or clutch.

Shirt Dress and Vest are The Perfect Matches

Want to know which work outfit that is perfect to combine? Okay, the answer is a shirt dress and a vest. This kind of outfit will make you look stylish and elegant at the same time. Moreover, if you add a few accessories and add a belt on your waist to give a shape to your body. Besides work, you can use this outfit to hangouts with your friends too!

Next, it will not be complete if your hair is messy, right? So, you can turn your hair into a high ponytail, low ponytail, or French twist hair to support your elegant vibe. If you are in the mood, you can let your hair loose and make it curl to look extra. Furthermore, finish out this style by using heels for the toe and a handbag as your bag.

Look Chic with Loose Pants and a Vest

Wanna looking chic for going to the office? Don’t worry, we also have an idea about it! Mix and match loose pants and a vest. Furthermore, use a shirt as the inner top to give a formal look. Make your outfit chicer by using some accessories like a necklace, earrings, watch, or bucket hat. This outfit gonna be perfect if you are working in the art or design office.

Next, if you feel lazy, just let your hair loose. But if you want to feel comfy for getting a move, you can tie your hair into a messy bun or French twist. Next, pair this outfit with ankle boots if you want to look chic. But if you feel it looks too much, I think sneakers gonna be a great choice. Furthermore, wear a handbag, shoulder bag, or waist bag for bag.

Style Shirt Dress with Obi Belt

Another outfit that looks simple but it’s like you give so much effort to style your outfit. You just need a shirt dress and an obi belt. This combination would look perfect together especially if you feel lazy to use a layering outfit. Don’t miss out on the accessories part like necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to level up your outfit style.

Choose a hairstyle that can support your outfit style too which is a high ponytail, French twist hair, or half ponytail. If you want to let your hair loose, you can straighten or curl it to make your hair look neater. Furthermore, you may complete your outfit by using stiletto heels for the shoes and a clutch to carry your important items.

Mix Turtleneck Dress and Blazer to Look Stylish

Feeling sick or a little bit cold? You need an outfit that can keep your body warm. Don’t worry, it still can make you look stylish! Because you wear a turtleneck dress and a blazer. This is optional, you may add a stocking or long socks if you want to get warmer but still look fashionable. Because your outfit already looks too much, you just have to wear hair accessories like a cap or barret hat to prevent a tacky look.

For this outfit, I think a simple hairstyle gonna be helpful, moreover, if you’re feeling sick. So, we recommend a high ponytail or a messy bun. You can also let your hair loose if you feel tired enough to tie your hair. Style this outfit with ankle boots or sneakers for the shoes. Furthermore, wear a shoulder bag to save your important stuff.

Jeans and Coat for The Cold Weather

Getting into autumn or wintertime will make you feel confused to choose which outfit can keep your body warm but still stylish at the same time. Don’t panic girls! Because we already think about it. You can mix and match jeans and coats that can warm your body. Furthermore, for the inner top, you can choose between a t-shirt or a turtleneck top.

If you want to level up your fashion style, you can use some accessories and use a barret or beanie hat to warm your head. Next, let your hair loose and make it curl or straight with an iron. Furthermore, for the shoes, of course, ankle boots gonna be the only choice for this style. And last, wear a shoulder bag or handbag to bring your stuff.

Get a Cute Look Using Jeans and Tank Top

Looking cute for work will boost your mood, am I right about this statement? Yes, because wearing a cute and colorful outfit will boost your mood. Like wearing jeans and a tank top as the outer top. Furthermore, use a turtleneck top as the inner top. If you want to wear accessories, you can choose a simple design of it to prevent looking too much.

Next, for the hair, I think a half bun gonna be the right choice to support your cute look. Or you can also let your hair loose too. Next, for the shoes, just choose which kind of shoes you like because this outfit is universal. Then, for the last touch and we will never forget which is a bag, we recommend a shoulder bag or sling bag.

Look Classy with Midi Dress and a Shirt

A mature woman will love to look classy and elegant. So, we already prepare the idea to give you the vibe that you want. Styling your midi dress and a shirt for the inner top. This outfit will make you look classy and formal which is perfect for going to the office. If you want to look fancy, you just have to add some accessories and the key is a belt to shape your body.

For keeping your elegant look, of course, your hair will also determine it. Therefore, you can make your hair into a high ponytail, low ponytail, or French twist hair. Then, if you are confused about the shoes, I think stiletto heels or ankle boots gonna be the right answer. Furthermore, use a handbag or clutch to complete your look.

Use Blazer Dress for The Special Occasions

At least once a year, your office gonna held some party. Therefore, you have to prepare the outfit to avoid feeling confused during the day. So, a blazer dress is gonna be the best choice to make you look elegant and formal on your special occasions. Because for the office, you should avoid a sexy dress to keep your professional appearance.

Don’t forget to add some accessories like a necklace, earrings, or bracelets to give a touch of glamour to your dress. Then, make your hair into a high bun or let it loose and make sure it’s neat enough. Finish out your style by using ankle boots as the shoes and a clutch to save your important items.

Combine Span Skirts and a Shirt

The last idea is the outfit that you usually use for going to the outfit. But, we will make it looks more stylish! Mix and match your span skirt and a shirt. Then, to make it look more stylish, you can use a patterned outfit or use some accessories like a belt or scarf.

For the hair, you can choose any kind of hairstyle that makes you feel comfy. But we suggest you trying a messy bun or French twist hair that quick to achieve but still makes you look stylish. Furthermore, wear sneakers or heels for the shoes. And last, to bring your items, choose between a shoulder bag or a handbag.

That’s all about the ideas that we can share with you. What do you think? Isn’t you can still look stylish in a formal outfit, right? The key is don’t ever be afraid to mix and match the outfit that you like and always feel confident. I hope this topic will inspire you and enjoy How to look chic and stylish for work or work outfit ideas.

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