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Back to School Hairstyles Ideas | Easy and Simple Hairstyles for School

School is not always about studying, many people make school time to get their selves. So, it’s the right time for you to express yourself by wearing a cute outfit or learning about applying makeup to look charming. But do you feel something is missing? There’s a thing that can support your chic looks.

Yes, you’re right! The answer is hair! Because hair can support your look to look neat and chic. Imagine going to school with messy hair, I believe many people will judge you and you will feel insecure. So, you should make sure your hair is always neat by doing some hairstyles. I know you will be confused about the right hairstyles for school.

Therefore, at this time, we will give you some easy and simple hairstyles for back to school. Don’t worry it will take a lot of time because it only needs 10-15 minutes to prepare your hair. Furthermore, you can choose the right hairstyles that suited with your face. Do you feel excited about this topic? Okay, without any for the do, let’s get started back to school hairstyle ideas!


15 Easy and Simple Hairstyles for School


1. Straighten Your Hair to Get a Neat Look

Looking for a simple hairstyle? That’s why this hairstyle becomes the first point of this topic. Because it’s very easy to get and will succeed make you look gorgeous. Yes, you can choose straight hair for a simple hairstyle. I believe all of you can achieve it because you only need to prepare an iron.

You can heat the iron first by adjusting the temperature that you want. Make sure it’s not too hot to prevent damaged hair. Then, use heat protection to minimize the damage too. Now you can start to straighten your hair by sectioning your hair into a pieces to help you to straighten hair easily. Do from the upper part into the lower part to get the maximal result and make it look neat.

But if you’re already born with straight hair, it will be easier for you. You just have to spray a hair vitamin on your hair shaft, then you can continue brushing your hair until it looks neat. Avoid using a hair vitamin that has an oily texture to prevent limp hair.


2. Get the Volume Hair with Loose Curl Hair

Feel insecure with your thin and straight hair? You don’t have to feel it anymore because we have the solution for you. Of course, loose curl hair will be a great choice for you to make your hair look volume. Some of you will think getting this hair is hard, but actually, it’s very easy! You just have to prepare an iron or you can use a curling iron to make it easier.

Same as straightening your hair, you should use heat protection to protect your hair from the heat of iron. If you want to get shiny and healthy hair, you can prefer heat protection that has an oily texture. Wait for a few minutes until it absorbs into your hair then you can start curling your hair. Furthermore, you can twist your hair away from your face to get the volume hair look. Then, you can brush your hair to make the loose curl effect.


3. High Ponytail to Make Your Hair Look Neat

Feeling lazy to use iron? Or do you wake up late and want to make your hair look neat in a while? Why don’t you try to make your hair into a high ponytail? Besides, it can make your hair look neater, and it’s also very easy to get.

All you have to do is just brush your hair first, then take all the part of your hair and bring it up until it looks like a tail. Furthermore, you can use a brush to make your hair look neat. After you feel it’s neat enough, you can start to tie it using a hair tie.


4. Look Chic with Messy Bun Hair

Another easy hairstyle that you can achieve in only 5 minutes. And also, this hairstyle has already been everyone’s favorite because it can give a chic vibe. Yes, you’re right! A messy bun is an answer and solution for you who feel lazy to do your hair or have messy hair. And now, we will teach you how to get this kind of hairstyle.

First, you can brush your hair to make it easy and look neat. Next, take all the parts of your hair and bring it up like you make a ponytail. Furthermore, you can twist your hair until it makes a bun then use a hair tie or bobby pins to secure your hair.


5. Use Hairpins to Make Your Hair Look Neater

For you who don’t like to tie your hair or feel lazy, you can use hairpins as the alternative. With hairpins, you can make your hair look neater and sweet. Moreover, hairpins have a lot of types so you will not look boring.

For this simple hairstyle, you just have to brush your hair with a comb to make it neat. Then, you can continue to choose which kind of hairpins you like. After choosing the hairpins, you can start to use it on the part of your hair that you want. Usually, people use hairpins on their bangs or the side of the ears. And voila, you can look sweet in less than 5 minutes.


6. Get the Playful Look with Double Dutch Braids

Want to look playful? I have a recommended hairstyle for you. Yes, double dutch braids will be the best choice. Who said getting this hairstyle is hard? You should throw your mind because it’s very simple and easy to get. Let me guide you to get this hairstyle!

First of all, you can brush your hair first which can make your hair easy to style. Then, separate your hair into two sections. Furthermore, you can start to make a braid by taking a section from the upper part of your hair. After you feel it’s enough, you can secure the braids using a hair tie and pull your hair slowly to give a messy effect. Do the same thing to the second part, and your dutch braids hair is done!


7. Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Next, we have a hairstyle that will make you look girly. That’s why you can use this hairstyle when you wear a dress. This is the kind of hairstyle that almost every girl like because it will not fail to make you look pretty. And also, it’s very easy to achieve too.

If you want to get this hairstyle, you can make your hair neat by brushing your hair. Then, take a half part of your hair and make it into a ponytail. Furthermore, you can tie it after you feel it’s enough. You can also add a scarf to look sweeter and fashionable.


8. Twisted Ponytail Hair

Other simple hairstyles that made people think it’s hard to get. Yes, a twisted ponytail is an answer. When you use this kind of hairstyle, I believe many girls will admire you because you look elegant and classy. But in fact, you only need less than 5 minutes to achieve it. So, if you’re interested in this twisted ponytail hair, we will give you the tutorial.

Not far away from brushing your hair that can make it look neat and easy to style. Then, you can take all sections of your hair and make it into a low ponytail. After that, you can continue to secure it with a hair tie.

Furthermore, this is the secret to getting twisted, you can pull the hair tie down and make a hole. Then, turn your hair up and put all of your hair into the hole. Pull up the hair tie to secure your hair perfectly. And twisted ponytail hair is done!


9. Make it Chicer with Space Bun Hair

This would be the hairstyle that will determine popular and chic girls. Therefore, many girls want to wear this hairstyle but it seems hard to get. Who said that girls? Make a space bun hair it’s so easy, you don’t have to feel doubt to use this hairstyle. Moreover, we will give you a tip to achieve it.

Yes, you can brush your hair first and separate it into two sections. Then, you can take the first part and bring it up like you want to make a high ponytail. Continue twisting your hair until it makes a bun and secures it with bobby pins. Do the same thing to another part, and use hairspray for the last touch.


10. Country Girl Vibes with Loose Braids Ponytail

Do loose braids ponytail to get the country girl vibes. This hairstyle will look amazing if you can combine it with a dress. I’m sure, you will look perfect and catch your friend’s eyes! Besides that, it’s also easy to get and can be one of your hairstyles when you have a bad hair day.

To get this loose braids ponytail, you just have to take all sections of your hair. Don’t forget to brush the upper part of your hair which can make it look neater. Furthermore, section your hair into three-part and start to make a braid. After that, you can use a hair tie to secure the braids and pull your hair slowly to give a messy vibe.


11. Use Scarf as a Headband

Feeling stuck to choose the right hairstyle for you? Okay girl, it will be the best solution for you if you want to look chic. And it’s also suited for you who are a lazy person or always wake up because it’s very easy to achieve it.

So you just have to take your scarf and fold it into a triangle. But if your scarf already has a triangle shape you can skip it. Furthermore, you can put it on your head and make it like a headband, don’t forget to secure the scarf by tying it. This is optional, if you have spare time, you can curl your hair to support the chic look.


12. Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

I’m sure some of you already feel familiar with this cute hairstyle. Usually, we call it bubble ponytail hair. Not only making you look cute but this hairstyle is also very easy to get. So, you don’t have to put so much effort to make your hair cute and neat.

You just have to prepare a few hairstyles adjusting to your hair. If you have long hair, maybe you need a lot of hairstyles. Then, you can make a high ponytail first as the beginning. Furthermore, you can continue to tie your hair again with a hair tie, after that pull your hair slowly to give a bubble effect. Do the same thing until the end of your hair.


13. Simple hair with French Twist Hairstyles

If you wake up late and don’t have any time to brush your hair or even tied it. Don’t worry, because we have the solution for you. This is the hairstyle that only took less than a minute to get, and I believe you will like it. Yes, French twist hairstyles that will make you look elegant but simple to get.

You just only prepare one hair clip, then brush your hair quickly with your fingers if you don’t have any time to use a comb. Furthermore, you can take all sections of your hair and twist it up. If you have long hair, you can fold your hair in. Then, secure it with a hair clip. And voila, your hair will look amazing in less than a minute.


14. Half Bun Hairstyles

If you love the half ponytail hairstyle, I believe you will love this one idea. Moreover, this hairstyle can give a chic and pretty vibe at the same time. So, you can do a half bun hairstyle if you feel boring with a half ponytail. It will make you look different even though it looks similar.

First, you can brush your hair and take a half section of your hair. Same as doing a half ponytail, you can make it like a ponytail, but for the last step, you can twist it until it looks like a bun. Don’t forget to tie your hair use a hair tie.


15. Wear a Headband When You Feel Lazy

Another idea that will safe your lazy day is to wear a headband. Believe me, this hair accessory is like your lifesaver that can make you look fashionable in a simple way. The key is just to choose the right headband that suited your outfit on that day.

Make your hair look neat first by using a comb. Then, it’s very optional, if you want to look extra you can straighten or curl your hair first. But if you feel lazy, you may skip this step. Furthermore, get into the main point of this hairstyle. Yes, you can put on a headband into your hair. And voila, you look gorgeous in a while!


I think that’s it about the simple and easy hairstyle ideas for school. Now you don’t have to worry if you wake up late, because this kind of hairstyle will save your time. Not only that, even if it’s very quick to get, it will not fail to make you look chic and fashionable. So, you’re ready to be the popular girl at your school. I hope you can get the inspiration and enjoy

Sarry Aulia
Sarry Aulia
I love all about fashions and beauty because it can boost my confident level. Can't live without chic style and makeup

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