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9 Trending Zayn Malik Street Style Inspire Menswear

Drufashion.com – Zayn Malik, starting off his career while he was joining Britain’s Got Talent in the 7th season in 2010. In the audition, he performed to sing. His singing talent is easy to be noticed. He met with his bandmates in the same audition, until they become popular boybands across the globe. In 2015, he’s leaving One Direction and being quit in the music industry. Then he came with an epic comeback in 2016 that released his worldwide single called Pillowtalk.

Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend has a brilliant music career. It’s not only his song are reached the top chart around the globe. But also his fashion styles becoming well-known and trending menswear that you will love it too! Zayn Malik’s best trending menswear look often styling chinos and leather jackets as much as he loves shearling jackets. His look becoming inspires menswear. We cannot wait to share with you Malik’s best street style version down below!

Rocker-Esque British style


Zayn Malik often styling a shearling jacket to make a statement of his street look. It’s easy to find a rocker-Esque British style on him. Pairing up a shearling jacket with a plaid shirt inside. The black ripped jeans give a rebel look to his appearance. Then, he polished his rocker look by wearing a pair of black leather shoes. It’s kind of European guy fashion type! His matching outfit is absolutely spectacular, get a trendy winter look by looking at his style!

So sleek and bold masculine look!


There is no doubt to steal Zayn’s fashion style to bold a sleek and masculine look! Look at his awesome mix and match formula, he’s an apple of the eye for everyone on the street!

He’s wearing a button-down striped shirt inside and then wrap with a manly black leather jacket. Looking down at his matching formula, he loves to wear black ripped jeans. In addition, he wears black combat boots. All of these items successfully make his look so sleek and bold masculine style! Wrap this killer men’s street fashion look by wearing sunglasses, you’ve got the idea!

Printed tee for his off-duty style!


He’s never afraid of exploring a quirky fashion look, just like in the picture above. He wears a gray sweatshirt inside then he layers it up with a white printed tee. His off-duty fashion look is quite interesting and fun! Then, he pairs his bug and bunny shirt with black washed ripped jeans. Sneakers are joining his laidback style. Giving a good punch to his casual look by wearing a golden necklace accessory, sunglasses, and a cap!

Casual inspire menswear


After displaying Zayn Malik’s adult fashion look version, now we are moving on to the teenage version. Where he matching up the casual menswear-inspired outfit. Starting off wearing a lightweight plaid shirt inside, then layer it up with a tracksuit hoodie jacket. Then he matching up his casual look with dark beige gloss chinos color tone. Finally, complete this simple look with a pair of white sneakers. Subsequently, he wears a beanie hat, we absolutely love this sporty young guy look!

Camouflage bomber jacket


Another Zayn Malik best street look is when he matching up the white casual tee inside. Then wrap his tee with a camouflage bomber jacket. The washed denim jeans completely matched with his blue color shade bomber jacket! Complete this look with a pair of white sneakers. Now, you are ready to go to a late date night with these cool outfit formulas!

Edgy look


From time to time Malik has transformed many fashion styles. Lately, we spotted Zayn walking on the street with his beloved one Gigi Hadid. He looks so cool in an edgy look! Pairing up the sweatshirt inside and layer it up with a washed color tone kinda leather jacket. Denim jeans and black leather shoes are chosen to complete this look! We found his ash blonde hair color complete his edgy look!

Cool typical street look!


Are you looking for an outstanding look for hanging out with friends? This could be your option, starting off matching up the plaid shirt with statement pants! These Malik’s patchwork jeans are super cool! It has a ripped design that shows your knee and the other side, there is yellow color tone patchwork that makes this pant look so trendy. Completed this cool style with a pair of gray sneakers. The gray sneakers really fit with the jeans’ color tone. Then wrap this stylish fashion look by wearing a black cap! We guarantee, these inspire menswear would you shine among your friends!

Summer outfit idea!


With the sun upon us, the temperature outside getting rise makes us sweat a lot. Surely we need a lightweight outfit that could fit with hot thermal weather outside! For the sultry summer days, we have picked a simple outfit idea from Zayn that you could follow this style too! You only need to pair Bermuda shorts and your favorite graphic tee. You can pair this simple wear with sandals or even sneakers!

Summer day sporty look!


When the summer season comes, that’s the sign to get rid of all of the heavy clothes that tuck on our bodies! It’s all about the comfortable feature that includes lightweight, and breathable design. Guys, you can simply wear a casual tee and shorts for a summer essential outfit! You can elevate your casual summer look with a sporty accent. For instance, pairing up the casual tee with short track pants. To give an extra sporty look, you can wear sneakers and a pair of sporty socks!


Those are 9 trending Zayn Malik street style inspire menswear that could be your fashion inspo! A 28-year-old-singer, Zayn Malik has been discovering a lot of men’s fashion look. Starting off matching daily casual outfit items to the killer trendy masculine look you would definitely love it! If you look out for Zayn’s essential outfits you will find dozens of British rocker styles. He loves to wear a shearling jacket, black ripped jeans, and black leather shoes. We hope this article could help you all out to find your best daily look!

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